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What to Look For When Buying Wheels/Rims

When most San Francisco Bay Area drivers and hobbyists discuss wheels and rims, they focus on the aesthetic benefits (or lack thereof). However, the right components can dramatically enhance the performance of your automobile. Conversely, the wrong parts, wrongly installed can drag on your performance and even increase your chances of getting into an accident.

Here are some “down and dirty” tips to make the selection of rims and/or wheels a tad easier.

Do you do a lot of mountain driving or high traffic driving?

If so, alloy wheels may be useful to dissipate heat and prevent your brakes from overheating.

Are you a super safety conscious mom or a “performance junkie”?

If so, “plus size” rims might give you a little bit of an edge in terms of holding the road and generating more responsive steering. Do note that, if you buy outsized rims, you will probably also need to buy new tires (Read blog Pros and Cons of Different Tire Treads).

Be careful not to go too bulky and heavy, however. 

Especially if you have a small automobile, large rims can frustrate your ability to steer and handle. The heaviness of large wheels also creates “physics problems” because the big wheels can deteriorate performance, since your suspension won’t support unsprung weights.

Get creative to impress friends or simply to have some fun on the road. 

Just be sure to match your bolt patterns to your rims, to carefully read and understand maximum load weightings, and to get input (or installation help) from a professional.

Lastly, all warnings aside, have fun with the process.

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