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How Do You Know When Your Used Auto Parts Are Safe?

-As the old Michelin ad goes, “So much is riding on your tires.”

The same thing could be said of your brakes, chassis, engine, and practically every other automotive component. If an auto part malfunctions, misfires, breaks down, corrodes, or otherwise fails to perform according to spec, the price you pay could be enormous. But how do you know which auto parts provide effective protection against road hazards? Read the rest of this entry »

What to Look For When Buying Wheels/Rims

When most San Francisco Bay Area drivers and hobbyists discuss wheels and rims, they focus on the aesthetic benefits (or lack thereof). However, the right components can dramatically enhance the performance of your automobile. Conversely, the wrong parts, wrongly installed can drag on your performance and even increase your chances of getting into an accident. Read the rest of this entry »