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How to Pick the Right Project Car

Save Money With Salvage Yards and Used Auto Parts

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As a hobbyist and budding mechanic, you’re looking for used cars for sale and auto parts to rebuild (or soup up) an old vehicle for fun. Whether you’re teaching your son garage lessons or aiming to construct a classic roadster to take to a show, here are a few tips for picking the perfect project car.

Before you hit the auto salvage yard (or examine specs), figure out your level of difficulty.

Lean towards trying a project that’s “too easy” at first, so you can build your confidence. There’s nothing more soul crushing than waking up every day to see a wreck (that you bought) rotting in your driveway which you can’t manage until you have learned 10 new mechanical processes and bought $1,000 worth of parts.

Next, create a budget and stick with it.

Budget conservatively. You might think you could get away with spending just $800 or $900, but be realistic. You might make mistakes. Build leeway into your budget, and you’ll be less frustrated and more likely to finish… and then move on with the next one!

Document your processes.

To extract maximum value from the experience, complete the project, take notes, and find out what works and what doesn’t. Talk to your experienced mechanic friends to tweak your performance and use the new knowledge to do better next time.

Work on a project that excites you – something you will be excited to drive (or sell to make a profit).

The work in and of itself has to be enough. But you also want to work towards a goal that will galvanize you and help you get up early on Sunday to get your toolbox.

Get the Help and Auto Parts Needed for Your Project

If you need great used parts for your project car, call our auto salvage team today at 925-224-9944 or toll free at 888-550-9944. We are happy to help you find the parts you need, and give you an estimate over the phone. You can also use our online parts request form, right here on our website!

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