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Pros and Cons of Different Tire Treads

Which tire tread is right for you? It’s a simple question without an easy answer because it’s dependent on context.

That may sound like a cop out, but consider the struggles that winter weather drivers face. In extreme ice and snow conditions, so-called studded tires – specialized rubber tires – may be required. These tires have special spikes that “catch” on slippery ice and give your vehicle the grip it needs to avoid, for instance, skidding of a mountain freeway and into a chasm.

But these studded tires are only necessary in extreme environments. In other situations, these tires can be a disadvantage. For instance, if the tires come into contact with a pothole, sharp stones, or other debris, they can perforate easier and/or lose air pressure. For instance, imagine driving up a steep Colorado mountain in mid-February, coming down the other side just fine and crossing into dry, hot Southern Nevada, then driving over a small scrap of metal on the freeway that pops your tire and causes you to plow into the side rail.

Again, context is important.

Here is a list of factors to consider when evaluating the pros and cons of various tire rating/treads:

• Your typical duration of travel (e.g. 200-mile trips versus 5-mile trips to the grocery store);
• Variation of weather you will experience;

• Size, make, and model of your vehicle;

• Whether you drive for commercial or non-commercial purposes;

• Whether you will be driving at fast speeds, maneuvering over rocky or otherwise tricky terrain, or driving through city traffic;

• Whether you want to maximize performance, safety, cost effectiveness, or all three or none of the above;

• Whether you want to change your tires seasonally (e.g. winter versus summer);

• How often you plan to rotate your tires, check for defects, and get your car serviced.


These variables just scratch the surface of what you might need to consider to choose the optimal tire rating/tread for your needs. Fortunately, you don’t have to analyze this stuff on your own. The professionals at Rock & Roll Auto Recycling are here to help you. Call us at any time at 888-550-9944 to discuss your tire or auto parts needs, or visit us online at to take a look at our services, philosophy, search for new and recycled auto parts and more information that can help you.

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