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How Tires & Wheels can Affect Your Gas Mileage

Whether you just purchased a brand new SUV or Prius, and you’ve been noticing a strange “lack of awesome gas mileage” (to put it mildly); or you’re simply an eco-minded driver who wants to get the most gas mileage per your buck, you might be surprised at how your tires and wheels can impact your mileage.

1. Rolling Resistance

To keep your car moving forward, your car must overcome the forces resisting its movement
(e.g. friction). Rolling resistance is a measure of the friction and other resistance that your tires
create. Not all tires resist forward motion equally.

2. Tire Pressure

According to some commonly cited figures, gas mileage can be improved by around 3% to 4% if
your tires are properly inflated. Conversely, if your tires are deflated – or possibly overinflated –
you run the risk of leaching mechanical efficiency, which means less stellar gas mileage.

3. Size of Your Tires

Excessively wide and large tires and wheels also create more friction, which can impact your gas
mileage. Again, you might nibble away at your fuel costs by around 2% to 5% if you use lighter
and less ginormous wheels.

4. Tire Rotation and Balance

Uneven wear and tear on your tires can cause small but non-negligible changes in friction,
efficiency, and your ability to maximize your vehicle’s performance. Rotate your tires per your
manufacturer’s suggested schedule, and avoid driving on a spare tire for long or driving on tires
or wheels that are not recommended for your vehicle.

In short, any aspect of your tires or wheels that deviate from standard, best practices can createUsed Tires and Wheels mechanical inefficiencies, drag, resistance, and indirect effects on your driving performance.

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