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How Do You Know When Your Used Auto Parts Are Safe?

-As the old Michelin ad goes, “So much is riding on your tires.”

The same thing could be said of your brakes, chassis, engine, and practically every other automotive component. If an auto part malfunctions, misfires, breaks down, corrodes, or otherwise fails to perform according to spec, the price you pay could be enormous. But how do you know which auto parts provide effective protection against road hazards?

You could ignore this quandary and just buy all of your auto parts new. In some cases, this might make sense. In other cases, however, purchasing new auto parts will be extremely expensive, and inconvenient. The bottom line is that you could waste a lot of money without any good reason. It’s a lot like what happens when you invest in quacky nutritional supplements. You pay $100 for a special bottle of vitamin Q, but if your body doesn’t need vitamin Q, or if you can’t absorb it, you are just literally flushing that $100 away.

By the same token, not all used auto parts are equal. Some people worry (not without reason) that used auto parts – particularly ones they buy online – may not be safe, up to grade, or tested. There is a huge difference between buying parts from an unknown and buying parts from a trustworthy, reputable seller.

At Rock & Roll Auto Parts, we follow strict guidelines, back our parts with warranties, and use only CAPA certified parts. We recycle and comply with all Environmental Protection Agency laws, and we are a long time member of the State of California Auto Dismantlers Association (SCADA) and the Bay Area Auto Dismantler Association.

We are fully certified participants in a respected compliance program. We operate according to guidelines to protect air and water quality, prevent release of waste, and diminish nuisance.

Learn why so many car and truck owners have trusted us for Bay Area auto parts since 1996 at, or connect with us immediately for assistance with your used car part needs at 888-550-9944.

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