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How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

4 Tips to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly this Winter

bay area used cars for saleAs cold air masses from Canada start to buffet the Bay Area, you may be worried about how your auto parts will hold up to the weather. Here are 4 quick tips to keep your car running smoothly, safely and efficiently, no matter what the arctic fronts throw your way this year.

1. Change your anti-freeze, if you haven’t done so in the last two years.

Keep your cooling system operational by cleaning and flushing out your system, particularly if you’re going to drive to colder areas, such as Tahoe or Mammoth, for ski vacations.

2. Measure your tire pressure and tread depth, and make adjustments, if needed.

If you live in a particularly snow-prone region of Northern California, switch over to special winter tires.

3. Get a tune-up!

Catch engine idling problems, poor performance, and troubling sounds, smells or signals from your vehicle, before you get trapped in a blizzard or unable to heat up your car during a frigid winter morning. Ask your mechanic to check out the exhaust system, the brakes, the headlights, the interior and exterior lights, and your oil. If you live in a relatively cold-prone region in the Bay Area, or if you’re going to do substantial traveling to more winter-prone regions, consider getting “winter weight oil,” which can help your car run better in the cold. Likewise, check and possibly replace air and transmission filters.

4. Check and possibly replace your battery.

Batteries can struggle in cold weather. If you need to recycle old batteries, used auto parts at salvage yards are the perfect place to do so.

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