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A Closer Look at the Facts and Benefits of Rebuilt Auto Parts in the Bay Area

Perhaps your mechanic told you some bad news: you need several new automotive components. You’d like to save money and time on the repair process without sacrificing quality or safety.

Or maybe you’re finally getting around to repairing that “old clunker” in your garage, and you’d like to save money by using rebuilt auto parts.

Unfortunately, the amount of conflicting information you’ve been reading online about rebuilt parts has given you pause. Is it worth it to “take a gamble” on rebuilt components? Or should you just swallow the extra costs, get brand new parts and move on?

The answer, frankly, depends on your budget, timeframe, and other circumstances.

If you just want to finish the job as quickly as possible, maybe you don’t have time to shop for and vet quality vendors of rebuilt parts. Likewise, if you can’t find a vendor that you trust – a company that has excellent consumer ratings and evaluations from independent entities, like the Better Business Bureau, then err on the side of safety and certainty – even if it costs you more.

Here are several factors that distinguish better Bay Area auto parts sellers from the rest of the pack:

  • They’re members of the State of California Auto Dismantlers Association (SCADA)
  • They sell parts that are CAPA certified (“Certified Automotive Parts Association”)
  • They have shown a commitment to customer satisfaction and they have a history of serving customers like you.
  • Consider ranking companies the way that Google ranks websites – the sites that “stick around” for years get higher rankings in Google search results. Likewise, auto component companies that have stayed in business for 30 + years should be given special consideration.
  • Companies should recycle and comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) laws.
  • You also may want to look for “social proof” by reading reviews about rebuilt auto parts sellers on Yelp, Yahoo!, Google, Superpages, and MerchantCircle.

To get the most cost savings, think longer term.

Maybe you’ve got a quirky “one-time” auto parts replacement project to finish. Odds are, though, that you want to save money and time over the long-term on automotive maintenance. To that end, think about forging a relationship with a good team — not just satisfying your current parts needs.

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2 Responses to “A Closer Look at the Facts and Benefits of Rebuilt Auto Parts in the Bay Area”

  • I agree that this is a better choice than buying new parts because it is cheaper and helps our environment. Everyone has to do their part to help out and this is a good way to do it and safe money at the same time.

  • Yes I agree it save the money and time by using rebuilt auto parts.We got these parts in cheaper rate as compared to new parts.