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7 DIY Tips on Replacing Your Vehicle’s Windshield

Perhaps a vandal whacked your windshield and caused nasty spiderwebbing. Or maybe a peeved ex-girlfriend smashed your windshield out of spite. Whatever the ultimate cause, you now have a big project on your hands: to replace that windshield fast so you can drive safely. Do-it-Yourselfers (DIYers) can save significant money and time on the windshield replacement job, but they need good help and good resources. This article will walk you through the replacement process, step-by-step, and connect you with a reputable Bay Area parts supplier, so that you can get the components you need for your job at a fair price. Read the rest of this entry »

Rock and Roll Auto Recycling Is On Thumbtack

Rock & Roll Bay Area Auto Recycling New Used Auto Parts can now be found on Thumbtack. For those who are not familiar it is a great place to leave testimonials and to send us a message. Read the rest of this entry »