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4 Reasons Why You Should Drive Your Classic Car During Winter

Tips for Classic Car Parts in Winter

Whether you’ve fixed up a beautiful classic car in your garage, or you’re searching for a quality Bay Area auto recycling yard to find parts to repair an “ole beaut” you bought at a trade show, you’re excited to get on the road. But winter’s just around the corner. Should you wait until spring to take you classic car out? Or should you garage it for the season to avoid getting into a winter weather accident or risk staining or discoloring it?

Classic Car Snow

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1. Classic rear wheel drive cars can actually be easier to predict and control. It’s no fun to fishtail. But once you understand what it’s like when your car loses control — and you develop the ability to counter-steer effectively — RWD cars can be very safe. Plus, learning the ropes of an RWD will train you to be a better driver when you return to more modern vehicles.

2. Classic cars are known for having awesome heaters. The Bay Area doesn’t usually dip into the teens or below. But when it’s chilly and wet, you can bake yourself and get cozy using an old school, energy inefficient heater.

3. More massive cars can have a physical advantage in wet weather. Today’s newer model vehicles are made of highly engineered lightweight materials. Older, classic cars tend to be denser and more massive. This leads to fuel inefficiencies, absolutely. But it can be a useful controlling element, if you spin out during a snowstorm.

4. Easier to charge your battery. There is nothing worse than getting caught out on a frigid highway with a dead battery. Luckily, older model batteries tend to be simpler and easier to recharge.

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