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How to Repair Your Car’s Heater

Auto Parts: Heater Care and Maintenance

Fortunately, the Bay Area does not experience the frigid, Antarctic-like winters that dog motorists in North Dakota and Minnesota. But take it from a Bay Area salvage yard, it can get quite chilly here. If your car’s heater breaks, you may find yourself cursing the gods. To that end, here’s a quick primer on how to identify what’s wrong with your car’s heater and repair it.

To understand the process, first we need to review how a car heats its cabin.

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The so-called “heater core” uses warmed coolant from the engine to blow warmer air into the cabin. This set up can mechanically break down for a variety of reasons.

For instance, the thermostat can get stuck in an open position (or shut position). If it’s stuck open, the “thermo valve,” which regulates when heated air enters the cabin, can get jammed. Your car service manual should provide detailed instructions about how to check your thermostat and replace what’s wrong. A “do it yourself” job could take half an hour or longer, depending on your proficiency, your tools, your auto parts, and the make and model of your car.

Another big problem could be the coolant used in the heater core. Over time, grime and goop can get stuck in the heater core. To fix things, you will need to clean this goop out using water or compressed air. This flushing process can be messy, and you will need a safe, environmentally friendly way to dispose of the gunk and residue.

The heater system could malfunction for other reasons. The core problem, in fact, could have to do with a tangentially related system, like the engine or the transmission.

To move forward with the repair process, you need excellent parts, and you may need help diagnosing and/or fixing the heating/cooling system issues.

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