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Auto Parts Care Tip: How to Polish Foggy Headlights

Auto Headlight Care and Maintenance

Our Bay Area Auto Parts team knows, full well, what can happen when drivers head onto Northern California roads and highways with poor performing headlights. In the winter rain and fog, if your headlights fail to perform up to par, you might miss a turn, hit a pedestrian, or get involved in a serious wreck that could reduce your vehicle to salvage yard material.

  • First, give your car a good wash to get rid of surface dirt. Wax the car to prevent the polishing compound from spattering onto the surface.
  • Next, use a prepackaged kit (should only cost around $10) to sandpaper out the dings, dirt and abrasions. Be aware that it will take you some time to get an even moderately obscured lamp clean. You will need to use a little elbow grease, too. Be mindful of where and how you polish, so that you don’t get any material on the rest of the vehicle. Keep going until the lens looks clear. Next, get painters tape — the kind that can peel off without residue — and tape around the headlights that you need to polish. You might need to take off the metal or plastic trim to expose the headlights completely.
  • If the lens remains scratched and foggy, use a very fine piece of sandpaper – soaked in cold water – to sand out the scratches, pits, and gunk. Avoid using sandpaper that’s too coarse — you could worsen the damage. Also, don’t rush the sanding process. Clean and dry the lamps when you’re done.

If all else fails, you can always get replacement headlights from an auto salvage yard!

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