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How to Recycle Your Used Car Battery in the Bay Area

Auto Recycling: Your Car Battery

You’d like to recycle your car battery, not only to protect the environment but also to protect yourself and your car from getting exposed to corrosive acids and heavy metals.

Here is a quick, simple primer for recycling auto parts.

Auto Recycling Car BatteryFirst, determine whether it’s time to get rid of an old battery and get a new one.

Old batteries are composed of led, plastic, and acid – all potentially dangerous chemicals that can leach into groundwater, create air pollution, and have toxic effects on the human body. In fact, these dangers inspired the United States Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to usher in legislation called the Battery Act (passed in 1996), which advocates for battery recycling.

Next, take the battery to an efficient, environmentally compliant, licensed and bonded used car parts shop, such Rock & Roll Auto Recycling.

We have the tools, wherewithal, and processes to recycle your battery effectively, with minimal environmental impact.

Here’s how the recycling happens.

The battery goes through a fascinating deconstructive process. First, it gets smashed up using a hammer mill, which effectively blasts the battery to bits. The pieces then get sorted, removing the plastics and siphoning away the liquids. Different components then go off to different kinds of recycling facilities. For instance, the plastic may be recycled into pallets, which battery manufacturers can use to create new batteries. The lead may be smelted down into ingots, which can then be resold for various uses in the automotive industry and elsewhere. Recyclers can neutralize acids using a base – thereby turning the liquid into water, which can be safely released. Or the acid can be chemically transformed into a compound called sodium sulfate, which can be used to create new batteries and or used in the making of glass and textile components.

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