Auto Dismantler and Recycling

How Auto Recycling and Salvage Yards Help the Environment

How Auto Recycling Works

hawaii auto salvageYou’re researching auto recycling and auto salvage yards in the Bay Area because you want to “help the environment,” save money and cross off a major project on your to do list. Here are some reasons why auto recycling is so environmentally helpful.

1. It reduces the need to procure and refine new metals and materials.

The mining and plastic industries both exact huge tolls on the environment. Even if the materials from your car were procured through smart, progressive eco-friendly operations, making a new auto parts consumes tons of resources (in addition to human capital). Recycling your old car reduces that burden.

2. It reduces waste.

Salvage yard professionals, like the Rock & Roll Auto Recycling team, are passionate about what we do because operations like ours reduce landfill bloat and junkyard waste. When you recycle, you avoid “adding to the heap” and allow the trash that already exists to degrade faster because you’re not increasing its size and volume.

3. It helps properly dispose of dangerous fluids.

Your auto contains effluent, brake oil, gasoline and other nasty fluids that are bad for the environment. It also houses dangerous heavy metals, including rare earths and mercury. When you recycle, you prevent these fluids and materials from wreaking havoc on the environment and polluting the air.

Why Choose Auto Recycling Over a Scrap Yard?

Scrap yards are not particularly environmentally sensitive. They might recycle some parts from your car, but then an auto wrecker will smash up the remaining components and spill substances like anti-freeze, oil, toxic fluids and heavy metals.

The Rock and Roll Recycling Team, on the other hand, uses far more sensitive and nuanced procedures to dispose of recycled vehicles effectively. What’s even better is our Cash for Cars program that will pay you for recycling your old car. Whether you are looking for recycled auto parts, or interested in recycling your vehicle, call our team today at 925-224-9944 for a free estimate.

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