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Simple Steps for Replacing Your Car’s Side View Mirror

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Our Bay Area used auto parts and auto recycling team strives to help motorists solve their parts problems simpler, cheaper, and safer. To that end, here’s a quick primer on how to replace a side view mirror that’s been damaged in a crash or lost.

Preparing for the Job

First off, if your mirror has been lost or damaged, replace it ASAP, not only to drive safer but also to prevent getting a ticket. Next, collect and prepare your toolset for the job. This set should include a socket wrench, a screwdriver, a manual to your vehicle (which should include step-by-step instructions for the process), a bag or jar for loose screws, and (of course) a replacement mirror (a used auto part is ok) that’s appropriate for your car’s make and model. Shut down the car — after you open the window! — and unplug your battery’s negative cable to prevent getting electrocuted.

How to Replace the Side View Mirror

Loosen and extract the interior panels around the mirror assembly, being careful to preserve the tiny screws and bolts that come out in this process, so that you can put them back later. Disconnect any wires connecting the mirror to the electrical system. Once you’ve (carefully!) prepped the extraction, remove any plastic components connecting the mirror to the assembly. After you’ve removed everything binding the mirror to the assembly, carefully remove the old mirror, simply install the replacement mirror by proceeding in the exact opposite steps. Use your manual for reference. If you need to stop midway through, label and store parts carefully — especially the loose nuts, bolts, screws and plastic pieces.

Used Auto Parts Shipped to Hawaii

For help finding replacement auto parts (such as side view mirrors for your vehicle), contact the Rock & Roll Auto Recycling team today for a free estimate: 888-550-9944.

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