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6 Used Auto Parts That Can Be Easily Recycled

Auto Recycling Tips for Used Auto Parts

hawaii auto partsAs auto recycling and auto salvage experts, the Bay Area team here at Rock & Roll Auto Recycling wants to help consumers like you engage in more environmentally friendly and economically appropriate processes. To that end, if you are looking to recycle, here are six parts that could be easily (and cost-effectively) put back into the system.

1. Your tires

Old tires can create terrific environmental problems, because they (generally) aren’t biodegradable, and they take up a lot of space in landfills. A recycling center can turn the rubber and other materials into toys, astroturf and other products. An auto recycling center, like ours, can evaluate them and see if they can be reused, or simply sold for household projects like tire swings or backyard gardens.

2. Batteries

Auto batteries contain lot of heavy metals, including lead, which are toxic. Studies have found that lead-based paints can create profound neurological problems. Shocking epidemiology suggests that exposure to lead can make people violent and mentally ill. So you want to recycle your batteries, so lead doesn’t get into the water system or cause anyone harm. Secondly, the process of recycling batteries is very easy. Our team can help you recycle with no fuss.

3. Windshields, windows, and other glass

Auto glass can be repurposed into a variety of very useful objects, including drinking glasses, kitchen furniture and even some types of jewelry. If you don’t recycle glass, on the other hand, it can pollute landfills — like tires, glass takes a long time to biodegrade.

4. Oil filters

67+ million oil filters are sold in the Golden State annually: the amount of steel that goes into constructing these filters is enough to build several buildings. So definitely recycle your filters!

5. Unused metal

Scrap metal can be reused in diverse ways. Some pieces of metal — such as spark plugs, converters, and brake shoes — may have been contaminated by fluids and oil. So recycling these may not be feasible. You CAN, however, recycle your doors, handles, fenders, and other big metal pieces and make good money while helping the environment.

6. Radiators

Your municipality may have a program to reuse and recycle radiators.

Bring These Used Auto Parts to Our Auto Salvage Center

Call the Rock & Roll Auto Recycle team today at 925-224-9944  for help with recycling or other used auto parts questions. If you’re looking to make repairs to your car with used auto parts, give us a call to see if it’s in stock, or search our inventory 24/7 right here on our website!

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