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Benefits of Purchasing Used Auto Parts

5 Reasons to Buy Auto Parts from Salvage Yards

hawaii-salvage-yardsIf you’re refurbishing a classic car or building/fiddling with a car at home as a hobby, why should you want used auto parts? Here are a few reasons to shop at salvage yards and auto recycling facilities instead of getting the parts fresh off the shelf:

Save money.

Saving $10 here and $40 there on recycled auto parts may not seem like “that much” in the larger scheme of life. However, if you get in the habit of buying used parts from trusted suppliers, and you engage in this process for years, the savings can wind up being quite substantial – thousands of dollars over a lifetime.

Protect the environment.

Supporting the recycling of old auto parts can help prevent heavy metals, toxic organic compounds and other pollution from ravaging California.

Find the best/almost appropriate parts.

Whether you’re making decorative changes or looking to enhance the car’s capabilities, reduce noise, or improve fuel efficiency, “old” components may be your best bet.

Gain a safety edge?

If you never think to take a look under your hood and understand how different parts and components interact and work together, you will never develop a systematic understanding of your vehicle. When you “shop used” at a salvage yard, you’ll get better at diagnosing and fixing potentially dangerous problems with various vehicle systems.

Get immediate help — even if the “new parts” shops are closed.

Search Our Used Auto Parts Online 24/7

When your car is not functioning optimally, you want to fix the issue as soon as possible. If you wait to find/replace a defective component, that delay can be deadly or at least very costly over the long term. Contact the team here at Rock & Roll Auto Recycling for a comprehensive and free consultation about your auto parts needs. Call us today: 925-224-9944.

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