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Why Are There So Many Auto Recalls These Days?

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Clients of our Hawaii auto parts store are often flummoxed by what they perceive to be an increase in the rate of auto recalls. Has the industry shifted? Why are more and more manufactures issuing recalls? Even more importantly, what can you do to shop smarter, drive safer, and protect your investment? Also, if you’re searching for a part that’s been recalled, what alternative parts can you use in place? 

First, let’s tackle the big picture issues.

640px-2010_Toyota_4Runner_SR5_--_NHTSA_2In 2012, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) documented nearly 600 vehicle recalls for safety and/or compliance reasons. That number was down from 2011, but the trends clearly show that recalls have skyrocketed over the past two decades.

Are auto manufacturers just creating more shoddy products? Actually, no. Objective analyses from companies like Consumers Union and J.D. Power and Associates found just the opposite. “Kaizen” is working; automobiles are getting better and better every year.

Your next question might be: Is the government demanding these recalls?

The shocking answer is: No. Automakers are jumping on the “recall bandwagon” voluntarily. To understand why, we need to dial back to the year 2000, when the government passed the TREAD Act. This law compelled automobile manufactures to search for possible problems and tell the NHTSA. It spooked companies and made them proactively safety conscious.

Automobile makers are also keenly aware of several recent fiascos – multimillion dollar class lawsuits, for instance, that tarnished brands and created massive headaches for big companies like Toyota (remember the runaway pedal fiasco?).

It’s hard to argue that this more cautious spirit is a mistake. But some critics worry that manufacturers are recalling otherwise sound vehicles for inconsequential problems, such as slightly inaccurate information in owner’s manuals. Whether you’re looking for an exotic part to replace one that’s been recalled, or searching for Bay Area used cars for sale, connect with the Rock & Roll Auto Recycling team today. We will give you solid, effective guidance, and we’re happy to provide a free estimate. Call us at 925-224-9944.

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