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Our Bay Area Salvage Yard Presents: Auto Salvage in the 21st Century

Junk Yards AutomotiveClose your eyes and picture Bay Area salvage yards.

If you’re like most people, you probably imagined heaps of junked parts, haphazardly strewn across palettes, and a disorganized atmosphere. The reality is that modern salvage yards are far more dynamic, controlled, and sophisticated.

Full service yards, like Rock & Roll Auto Recycling, provide a plethora of catalogued Pleasanton auto parts for diverse makes and models. We put our parts through tested processes to make sure that they’re well cleaned, inspected and easily tracked. Both our staff and our clients enjoy these convenient processes. We stock new, used, rebuilt and aftermarket parts for cars and trucks, including transmissions, engines and other key components.

Whether you need new shocks or struts because your old clunker has become undriveable; or you’re shopping for taillights, grills, or some hard to find part for an aging car (built in 2000 or later), our salvage yard should have what you need.

High Safety and Training Standards and a Passion for Environmental Responsibility

Another unfortunate stereotype of salvage yards is that they are sites of inevitable environmental contamination. While many old sites (and some newer yards) flout environmental regulations (or at least don’t follow them to the tee), businesses like ours adhere to extremely strict environmental standards. We do so because we believe this is very important. After all, used cars and car parts contain potentially very toxic compounds, such as organics; heavy metals like cadmium, lead and mercury; and plastics that are not biodegradable. When done right, auto salvage recycling can protect the environment from these harmful compounds.

We at Rock & Roll pride ourselves at being effective stewards of the environment. We’ve been in the auto recycling business since 1966; we provide a six month performance guarantee; and we offer extended warranties that last up to a full year. We also ship everywhere in the United States. Call us with any questions, and shop effectively for used auto parts: 925-224-9944.

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