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Which Hawaii Auto Parts Are Safe to Buy Used?

You want to buy Hawaii or Bay Area auto parts used. But you must make sure the components are safe. Not every Hawaii auto recycling company effectively screens their parts, so you should be concerned and do your due diligence.

Bay Area used auto parts

At Rock & Roll Auto Recycling, we stock a diverse repertoire of parts for both Asian and domestic cars and trucks. We believe the following parts are safe to purchase used:

  1. Fenders.
  2. Doors.
  3. Hoods.
  4. Bumpers.
  5. Radiators.
  6. Grills.
  7. Alternators.
  8. Starters.
  9. Transmissions.
  10. Engines.
  11. Struts.
  12. Shocks.
  13. Disc brakes.
  14. Headlights.
  15. Taillights.
  16. ECUs.
  17. ECMs.
  18. Wheels.
  19. Fuel injection.
  20. Fuel tanks.
  21. Gas caps.
  22. Lug nuts.
  23. Oil pans.
  24. Rearview mirrors.
  25. Steering wheels.
  26. Exhaust pipes.
  27. Heat shields and manifolds;
  28. Windows.
  29. Gear systems.

That list (which is not even exhaustive!) may sound pretty complete. Upon simple inspection, you might think we’re saying that all parts can be bought used. But that’s not the case. Our first goal is to make sure that you’re satisfied and safe. If you shouldn’t buy a part used, we’ll tell you and help your figure out the right buying/maintenance strategy.

Pricing Used Auto Parts

Purchasing used auto parts online can be a vexing, confusing experience. Even if you find a good deal on Hawaii auto parts, you may not have done business with the company before. We at Rock & Roll Auto Recycling in the San Francisco Bay Area pride ourselves on low-pressure, relationship-based marketing. We get a lot of our work through word of mouth, since we truly believe in educating our clients and helping them feel comfortable.

Find out more about our services online, or call us at (925) 224-9944 with questions about your used auto part needs.

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