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Should I Donate, Trade or Sell My Used Car?

Your once spanking new car is not so spanking new anymore. Your needs have changed, your car has changed, and you are at a different place in your life. But the question looms: what should you do with your used auto? The answer is not always necessarily simple…

Donate it?

You can donate an old vehicle in exchange for a tax credit and potentially help out a needy charity along the way. But donating might not “max out” the value you get from your car. If you’re pressed financially – and you want to extract as much value from your old car as possible — you might consider other options, such as …

Trade it in?

Trading in can be a simple process – you don’t need to sell or market the car yourself. You offer the car up to a dealer, who provides you money and incentives in exchange. This can be relatively pain free, but you still need to do your homework. Find out what your vehicle is worth using resources like the Kelley Blue Book and the National Automobile Dealers Association’s Gold Book. You may also want to tune up/fix up your car before shopping it to dealers…

Sell it?

You can sell your vehicle and potentially get more than you can by trading it in. But what you make up for in potential price optimization, you will lose in terms of certainty and ease.

Confused which option to choose?

The team here at Rock and Roll Auto Parts can help. Our company has been a leader in the auto dismantling and recycling business for over a decade and a half. Connect with us at, or call us now toll free at 888-550-9944.

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