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3 Essential Gas Saving Tips

Living in the Bay Area you know just as well as I do that we fall victim to horrendous gas prices.  Over the last few months they have climbed up well over the $4.00 mark. (Sick to my stomach) But we still need to get around, pick the kids up, buy groceries, and get to work.  So for those of you who can’t fit commuting on a bike into our lifestyle, these gas saving tips should help you stretch the time between pumps and save you a few extra bucks.  I think we can all agree every dollar helps when gas is like this.

Here are 3 core gas saving tips to implement TODAY:

1. Stay on top of your tire pressure!

This is a big one most don’t consider.  If you have either too much air or too little air in your tires your engine will require more force to move your vehicle.  Do you ever recall riding a bike with low air in the tires?   Was it not harder to pedal around?  Same goes for your engine.  Driving on low tire pressure can cost you tens of dollars a month!

2. Loose the lead foot.

It requires more force to accelerate your vehicle than it does to maintain a speed.   This being said do your best to stay at a consistent speed, avoid sudden starts and stops, and accelerate slower.  All of these will help you conserve gas.

3. Maintenance is key.

Lesser than fair running parts can kill your gas efficiency.  Worn, broken, dirty auto parts, not only can cause problems with your vehicle and safety but can put your vehicles MPG down the drain.  Having a dirty air filter, intake / exhaust leaks, bad spark plugs, bad wires, heavy oil / old oil, all can vastly reduce your MPG.

Use certified recycled auto parts.

If you need to replace any of your old auto parts to help your battle against gas:

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