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Run-Flat Tires: The Safest Choice for Roadside Changes?

There is nothing more exasperating than pulling over on a busy highway and discovering that one of your tires has blown out. Most Bay Area drivers don’t know the first thing about how to change a flat tire or deal with a tire blowout. To that end, many people are turning to new kind of device to help drivers get through flat tire emergencies. This is called a run-flat tire.

A run flat tire lets you do just that — run your car on a flat tire. You just attach the device and drive to a service station. No need to get all messy and bent out of shape trying to figure out how to change a tire on the side of the freeway. Run flat tires feature stiff sidewall material inserts, and they can potentially last up to 100 miles. They also include an internal monitoring system to help you identify potential changes in pressure. Obviously, you don’t want your run-flat tire to give out on you and confront you with the prospect of yet another blow out accident.

Surveys suggest that run-flats offer improved stability in addition to the added convenience. They can also be useful for vehicles that don’t typically come with spare tires.

On the other hand, the ride can be rough and bumpy on these tires. They are also typically more expensive than normal spare tires, and many tire dealers do not carry them. Finally, if you ignore the warnings from the tire pressure monitoring system, you could suffer back-to-back blowouts, as we discussed above.

Industry analysts believe that run-flats may become more and more common because of the convenience/safety/stability factors – and because so many drivers no longer possess even basic tire changing skills.

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