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How to Destroy Your Car in 5 Easy Steps

What are some tried and true ways to destroy your car and its components and eat a hole through your wallet or pocketbook?

Here are five trusted methods:

1. Ruin Your Transmission by Shifting Poorly and Failing to Use Your Parking Brake.

When you fail to use your parking brake, you put tremendous stress on the transmission. Likewise, if you shift sloppily – particularly when you shift from reverse to drive – you ruin the transmission and the drive shaft and suspension.

2. Wash Your Engine the Wrong Way.

Engine power washing is roughly analogous to colonoscopies. Do you really need to “pressure wash” an engine to make it squeaky clean? Not necessarily. Indeed, pressure washing can remove important lubrication and lead to engine damage, not to mention damage to sensors, wiring, key technical components, and more. Remember: Your engine is delicate!

3. Employ poor brake maintenance.

Need we even discuss why bad brakes can spell doom for your car (and worse)?

4. Avoid Getting Regular “Check-ups” for Your Car.

Your tires need maintenance. Your oil and other fluids need to be changed. You may need to get your car serviced for winter weather or prior to a long trip. Failure to attend to basic maintenance tasks lead to the car owner’s version of “boiling frog syndrome.” As anyone who watched Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, knows, if you put a frog in a cold water and slowly boil that water over the time, the frog won’t hop out and save itself. Likewise, if you incrementally allow your car to degrade by failing to schedule regular fluid and maintenance checkups, your car may do the equivalent of “boil” and leave you in a steaming wreck on the side of the road.

5. Practice Distracted Driving.

Study after study confirms that drivers who yap on their cell phones, text message their friends, blast music, rubberneck, chat with friends, and engage in other silly practices put themselves at a much higher risk for disasters that not only ruin their cars, but also ruin their lives… and the lives of other folks on the roads.


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