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Cash for Junk Cars: Is This for Real? What are the Benefits?

Your car is toast. Too bad. Now what? Consider the “cash for junk cars” option.

“Cash for junk cars” involves trading a broken, dilapidated, or even burned-out vehicle to a third- party for cash. In some ways, the process seems too good to be true. After all, on some level, it’s amazing that a legitimate company would pay you good money for burnt-out husk of a vehicle that fell victim to a garage fire, horrible road side accident, or simply has just gone it’s last mile. In some cases, deals ARE too good to be true. Consumers should be on the alert. Not all cash for junk car companies are legitimate. Some may offer an inadequate sum of money. Others may skirt environmental rules or laws to turn a profit. And yet others might be fronts for scams and schemes.

Rule #1: do business ONLY with a reputable company.

Here are some benefits of leveraging cash for junk cars:

1. You get money for a car that’s become valueless to you.

Companies may purchase junk cars to rehabilitate them and resell them or just strip them for usable parts. To buyers, even a junked vehicle can be valuable. To you, the vehicle is worthless. So, by leveraging a relationship with a reputable company, you can, in some sense, extract value from a valueless item.

2. Protect the environment.

If you leave a junked out car in a garage, on a street, or in storage somewhere, the car can leach chemicals, take up space, et cetera. A responsible and reputable recycler can remove the junked car’s burden on the environment.

3. Free up your time and psychic energy.

Some part of you — if only on a subconscious level – knows that “something must be done” about the junked vehicle. If you don’t address this issue, that “open loop” won’t go away on its own. And if the junk car occupies a parking space that you could use — possibly one that you pay monthly for – the price of inaction can be hefty, indeed. You could even accrue parking tickets on a vehicle that’s totally undriveable – a classic example of adding insult to injury.

4. When you work with the right company, the process can be safe, and even a bit a fun.

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