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California Approves Extremely Aggressive Vehicle Emission Regulations

Our Lungs Shout “Hallelujah!”

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) unanimously approved new California regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by mandating that automakers put more hybrid and electric cars on CA’s roads by 2025. CARB experts estimate that these regulations will slice greenhouse gas emissions by over 33% and cut smog particulate pollution by up 75%. The program will help to put 1.4 million hydrogen, plug-in, and electric vehicles on Golden State roads within 13 years. The Chairman of CARB, Mary Nichols, celebrated the new rules: “This really is an historic new chapter in California’s history with the automobile.”

CARB’s decision followed a two-day hearing, during which politicians, consumer protection groups, environmentalists, and automakers all weighed in on the proposals. Nichols celebrated the attitude change among automakers, saying that the “level of consensus” among the group assembled at the hearing was “the highest that I’ve ever seen.” Nichols believes that real change happened thanks to a mind shift “on the part of auto companies, who have seen the handwriting on the wall that their future lies in these vehicles [e.g. hybrid, plug-in, and electronic vehicles].”

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers was not exactly pleased, however. The organization said that “mandates create a disconnect in the marketplace.” Critics point to the fact that it’s been slow going to get zero emission vehicles (ZEV) widely adopted.

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