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What Are Green Recycled Parts, and Why Should I Use Them?

Why You Should Choose Recycled Auto Parts

Hawaii salvage yardsWhether you’re contemplating purchasing used auto parts to build a classic roadster in your garage, or you’re searching for a Bay Area auto recycling shop to find auto parts to rebuild the family station wagon, you might have heard something about so-called “green recycled parts.”

What are these parts, and why should you bother using them?

These components have been recycled from other vehicles in a way that’s eco-friendly, with minimal environmental impact.

What separates “green” parts from conventional parts?

These techniques and tools are just more efficient and better able to extract, wash, test and repackage parts. Believe it or not, the auto recycling industry as a whole is booming, and recycling processes are getting ever better at reclaiming the whole car.

Right now, the average vehicle gets recycled by 80% per weight; those components either get reused or put into remanufacture somehow. All told, recycled auto parts save the world approximately 80 billion barrels of oil annually, and fluids and oils that would otherwise pollute landfills and desecrate the environment are put to proper use. Estimates suggest that recycling prevents the equivalent of 8 Exxon Valdez oil disasters every year. It prevents release of toxic effluents into landfills and groundwater and reduces our dependence on fossil fuels. We also don’t need to mine or manufacture as many new materials, because we can use what we’ve already created/produced.

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