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4 Benefits of Bay Area Salvage Yards

What is the benefit of a Bay Area auto salvage yard?

Bay Area auto salvage yards protect our Bay Area environment, boost our local economy, and offer vehicle owners awesome opportunities to save money, and get rid of eyesore-inducing old clunkers.


1. Auto salvage yards and auto recycling companies like Rock & Roll Auto Recycling can recycle old (but still usable) automotive components.

Even if your car was totaled in an accident; odds are, the auto contains an abundance of still usable components, such as tires, glass, catalytic converters, airbags, steering wheels, and other materials. A licensed, thorough auto recycler can remove those components for reuse in other vehicles or to recycle back into other industrial processes. For example, the metals found in an old doors, chassis, or hoods can be extracted and reprocessed for other uses.

2. More effective processing reduces burdens on landfills and on the environment.

Salvage yards provide a non-negligible line of defense against the over-stuffing of our junkyards. When you just “toss” an old vehicle away – or allow a junker to rust and decay on your front lawn – toxic metals, old fuel, oil and fluids, and other nasty stuff can leach into the soil and contaminate the environment. The team here at our Bay Area salvage yard can eliminate this environmental threat.

3. Salvage yards can help consumers save money and time.

It can be hard to let go of an old vehicle, particularly one that served you well for many years. But caring for an old clunker – or even storing a damaged or totaled vehicle – can create serious stresses.

First of all, you likely do not have an infinite amount of space in your yard or garage. The car poses aesthetic problems as well as environmental problems (e.g. you do not want mercury and other heavy metals from the clunker to leach into your soil and kill your garden or poison your local aquifer). When you contact the team at Rock & Roll Auto Recycling to dispose of your old clunker, you eliminate a nagging item on your to do list and actually save money by eliminating the burden of a space hog. How much is your property worth per Sq foot? A typical car takes up about 24 Sq. feet.

4. Depending on your situation, you may even be able to enjoy certain tax benefits.

Your salvaged car may be used for used auto parts and or for recycled materials. Get in touch with the team here at Rock and Roll Auto Recycling in Pleasanton for assistance. Free towing is available: 1-888-550-9944.

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