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How Does a Bay Area Auto Salvage Yard Operate?

Different Bay Area salvage yards use vastly different protocol and offer diverse services.

Most businesses in our industry are known as full service yards.

These companies intake old vehicles, strip them of their valuable auto parts, and then shred the hulk to sell the recyclable metal components. In this model, the customer – the person or company that drops off the car to be recycled – does not play an active role in the dismantling/recycling of the vehicle. In addition, cars stay at the salvage yard for some time, and significant work is done to remove any and all potentially valuable components prior to shredding.

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Another type of a yard –  is called the self service yard.

In this model, vehicle owners can play a more active role in the recycling. Under certain circumstances – and with the properly approved tools – customers can actually remove components from their own cars to install them in other vehicles, resell the parts themselves, etc. In self-service salvage, cars get cycled through the system much more rapidly, and fewer parts and components are recycled prior to shredding. In some ways, this extra efficiency benefits the yard, since the more cars that cycle through the system, the more money the business makes during the end stages of processing. Moreover, the most valuable components – such as working engines – tend to be stripped out first; so even though this model yields less overall component recycling, it still allows recycling of the most valuable “stuff.”

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Lastly, there is the “hybrid” model yard – a combo of self service and full service operations.

Analysts believe that more and more salvage yards are heading towards the hybrid model, since there appears to be a large and growing demand for at least some self service features.

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