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Why and When Should You Recycle Your Vehicle

 How to Get Paid More Than You Realize is Possible

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You might have been researching “cash for cars” programs. Or maybe you’re simply just exhausted with the quality of your current car and you want to get rid of it in a way that maximizes your profits and minimizes your hassles. Whatever your concerns, the customer-focused, effective, and helpful experts at Rock & Roll Auto Recycling can help you get paid handsomely for your vehicle and recycle it in the process (thus protecting the environment).

What does Rock and Roll Auto Recycling Provide?

We pay top dollar for your wrecked or unwanted cars.
We provide free towing.
You can reach us at any time toll free at 1-888-550-9944.
Rock & Roll Auto Recycling is a proud member of SCADA auto parts recycling
We comply with all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) laws and have a reputation as a fair dealer.
We’ve been in this business since 1996.
We can address any of your concerns, such as: “Is this really the most money I can get for my car, or can I do better?” “How will be my parts be reused to help other people?” “How does your company give back?”
We proudly comply with the State of California Auto Dismantle Association’s strict code of ethics.

Look, there are good and realistic alternatives to cash for cars programs.  You can donate your used or destroyed vehicle to a charitable organization, for instance.  But if you want to extract the maximum value from your vehicle, we can help, and are happy to answer any questions you have about our process. Call us any time at 888-550-9944, or find out more about our team, our services, and philosophy.

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