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Pleasanton Auto Dismantlers You Can Trust: A Member of SCADA

Before you choose an Pleasanton auto recycling company, be sure that company is a member in good standing of SCADA, the State of California Auto Dismantlers Association.

SCADA - Auto Dismantlers and RecyclersThis trade group boasts 200 members. It was founded way back in 1959 to advocate for ethical, environmental, and economic “best practices” in auto parts recycling. Any company that wants to belong to this group must hew to a strict code of ethics. For instance, you need to “provide the best possible product,” operate according to all relevant ordinances, statutes, and laws, “strive to maintain a clean and non-polluted environment,” “promote the conservation of energy,” and “educate the public [on] the positive impact our industry has to offer the community.”

SCADA ensures the integrity of the automotive recycling industry.

The group also provides the state of California millions of dollars in tax, fee, and license revenue, and it helps with the recycling/disposal of hazardous materials related to automobiles.

SCADA invests in powerful technology to prevent chemicals and other hazardous materials from destroying the beautiful environment here and around Pleasanton. SCADA members recently received the government’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award, the highest environmental honor in the Golden State.

SCADA strives to free up communities of abandoned vehicles, employ local Californians and “provide a valuable service to our customers at a fair price.” The organization serves as a beacon for positive stewardship and introduces companies (like Rock & Roll Auto Recycling) to best practices related to environmental, technological, and customer related issues.

If you need help with automotive dismantling or parts, get in touch with our team here at Rock & Roll–as we mentioned, we’re a proud member of SCADA, and we’ve been serving customers like you for decades. Find out more about what sets us apart here on our website, or call us now for a free consultation to talk about your needs and auto issues.

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