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Classic Car Salvage Restoration

The Bay Area auto parts team here at Rock & Roll Auto Recycling is often asked to explain the whys and wherefores of auto salvage. If you’re the proud owner of an “old beaut” from the ‘60s or ‘70s, what can you do to keep the warhorse in gem condition?

Auto Recycling - Auto Parts - Car PartsFirst off, do a thorough scan of the vehicle. Change out old parts and get new, correctly designed components to replace them. Whether you bought the car from a local dealer or just inherited the car when your grandfather passed away, be realistic about what you have the time/energy/expertise to handle.

Tap into the expertise of other, more experienced classic car owners for help with restoration. Connect online with them at specialty forums or meet people in person at car shows.

Understand your purpose
 before you invest in parts or set up a maintenance/use regimen.

  • What exactly do you want out of your classic car?
  • Will it be an everyday vehicle?
  • Are you looking to take around to shows?
  • Do you hope to drive it on weekends or holidays?
  • Or are you simply keeping it as a kind of trophy piece?

Once you understood your road needs and expected uses, 
you can buy car parts more effectively. If you’re transforming an older vehicle into an “everyday car,” you must be prudent, from a practical perspective, about buying parts. If you’re owning only for show, you can be laxer.

If you plan to take the car on the road, be sure it functions effectively. If you install a faulty component or bad part, that element could fail during transit, causing the car to crash. Small acts of carelessness, in others words, can lead to large scale disasters and catastrophes.

To do your classic car restoration right, get in touch with the Bay Area auto salvage team at Rock & Roll Auto Recycling. Our dedicated and experienced team can help you find the right parts so you can rebuild, restore, and re-beautify your investment. Find out more about us at, or call our team now for assistance.


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