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6 Most Commonly Needed Bay Area Auto Parts

Whether you’re searching for an auto salvage shop or just pricing Bay Area auto parts to see whether your mechanic overcharged you, you need to know the basics first.

Here are the 6 most common auto parts that people replace:

Used auto parts Bay Area1. Tires

Tires are subjected to tremendous frictional, torsional, and directional forces. Even tires made from the strongest materials will degrade and fail over time. The relentless forces imposed — combined with dings and dents caused by running over glass, hitting curbs, etc. — can weather your tires quickly and put you and other drivers at risk. Follow your manufacturer’s recommendations, and pay attention to tire pressure.

2. Suspension

Most people take it for granted that cars just “feel smooth.” But in the early days of the automobile, rudimentary suspensions barely masked the clickety-clack of the road beneath. Like the tires, the suspension gets subjected to tremendous forces from multiple directions. Any warping, bending, or dysfunction of the suspension system can create ripple effects through the car’s system. A bad suspension can lead you to overcompensate on the steering wheel, for instance, which can lead to uneven wear and tear on your tires and braking system.

3. Transmission

When all transmissions were manual, most drivers felt “more in touch” with their transmissions. Today, that’s not the case. But the transmission is no less essential. When the transmission fails to work properly, many of the car’s systems feel the negative effects. Grinding gears, for instance, create fuel inefficiencies and even fire hazards.

4. Brakes

Hopefully, you don’t need much explanation about why the braking system is so vital. If your brakes fail while you’re driving on one of the Bay Area’s notoriously hilly streets, you could cause a spectacular accident.

5. Steering

Whether you’re upgrading a classic car or fixing a car that’s been in a wreck, you absolutely need to triple check your steering system. Even slightly off-kilter or warped steering can create a dangerous situation. Some classic autos require rare steering parts, which you are more likely to find in an auto salvage yard.

6. Last but not least — the engine.

As the beating heart of your automobile, the engine needs the right types of fuel, taut and well lubricated connections, and durable protection from the elements. Your engine needs will depend on the make and model of the car; your driving habits; and intended usage.

Whether you want to replace auto parts on a old classic or repair a wrecked vehicle, get in touch with the team at Rock & Roll Auto Parts for assistance. Find out more about us at, or call today for a consultation.

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