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Can You Really Save Money by Using a Bay Area Salvage Yard?

Save Your Cash, Go To a Bay Area Salvage Yard

You’re a Bay Area driver, and you’d love to control costs and deal with urgent repair needs for your vehicle. You intuitively appreciate that Bay Area salvage yards, like Rock & Roll Auto Recycling, can serve up good components at a discount. But you’re hesitating.

Here are a few points to consider to help you gain clarity on salvage yards:

1. Not all salvage yards are created equal.

Some yards fail to comply with EPA restrictions, carry substandard parts, and provide little to no customer service. Sure, you can save money by shopping at these businesses, but you might trade savings for peace of mind. Not a great tradeoff. You value your safety and your car’s reliability, and you’re willing (or at least you should be willing) to trade money for that certainty. Make sure your salvage yard is certified, their parts are certified, offers warranties, and follows EPA laws.

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2. Developing a new relationship with any business creates an opportunity cost.

It’s easier to follow the “default” route that’s worked for you in the past. If you have a great mechanic who does fantastic work every time, you may want to continue to use that mechanic for all your needs, even if he or she charges a premium for repairs.  This being said you can still save significant money by purchasing your parts from a salvage yard and taking them to your favorite neighborhood mechanic to be installed.

3. Developing a relationship with a great local salvage yard can be worth your while: it can save you money not just on short-term purchases but also on future projects.

For instance, let’s say you’re able to save $200 on parts purchase by shopping at Rock & Roll Auto Recycling. Your experience is positive, and you decide to use us for future needs. Over the next 10 years, you have five more projects, and you save $100 on each one of those projects. All told, you will save $1,200, in aggregate, from the relationship.

In other words, your ideal goal should be to find a great company that can service you for a long time and simultaneously provide rock-bottom prices on the components that you need to keep your car running safely, smoothly, and reliably.

Our Bay Area salvage yard stands head and shoulders above our competitors: we comply strictly with all environmental and other CA regulations; we’re licensed and bonded; we’re a proud member of SCADA; and we offer caring, honest support.

Find out more about us online, or call to get your urgent questions answered by our friendly professionals.

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