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Feeling Adventurous? You Can Fix These 3 Auto Parts by Yourself

Using Recycled Auto Parts for Basic Car Repairs

Our Pleasanton recycled auto parts team is often astonished by the degree to which car owners underestimate their own capabilities.

Taking care of a car is not rocket science. Even if you have no training as a mechanic — and the very thought of popping open the hood sends you into a cold sweat — you can fix a variety of components in your car without much effort.

Here are three:
1. Change burned-out headlight bulbs

The big challenge here is finding and accessing the bulbs themselves. The three wire plug should be located behind the headlight assembly and pretty easy to reach. In other cases, you may have to remove the wheel itself and unfasten the fender panel – a challenging job.

Once you get at the headlight plug, it’s a cakewalk. Undo the clip, take out the bulb (being careful to avoid touching the glass), put in the replacement bulb and then reverse your steps.

2. Switch out the thermostat

When the thermostat gets stuck open or shut, your engine can rev too hot or, conversely, take way too long to get warm. Changing out the thermostat is also a pretty simple job, and you don’t need to drain out engine coolant or get yourself extremely dirty and sloppy.

Most cars have the thermostat near where the radiator hose enters the engine. There should be bolts connecting the thermostat housing. Before you use a wrench on them, use a pan to collect any coolant that will spill during the job (prepare to get a tad bit dirty). Be sure the new gasket matches the old one precisely. Then reverse the steps, and you’re done.

3. Staunch a leaky sunroof

There’s nothing worse than driving around and getting spritzed by rainwater migrating through your sunroof. Your first instinct might be to look to for a crack, but more often than not, debris in the tracks and drain holes will be to blame. Go to your local gas station to use compressed air to clear out the tracks and the drain holes. You can use a wire hanger or other similar implement to clean, but be careful not to damage the drain line.

Look to the team here at Rock & Roll Auto Recycling to help you find the best replacement auto parts for your project. Even if you’re dealing with an exotic or eccentric job, we can give you peace of mind and confidence to do it right and save money. Find out more about our services or contact us through our website at:


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