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Eco-Friendly Junk Car Removal in the Bay Area

Whether your car was destroyed in a Bay Area auto accident, or you’re simply tired of seeing that old clunker rotting outside in your driveway or garage, you know it’s time to do something drastic. You’d like to take your car to a junkyard for effective disposal – and possibly some extra cash and a tax write-off. But, like any good Bay Area citizen, you’re concerned about the effects of the disposal on the environment.

Your concern is not without a basis in fact!

• According to U.S. EPA statistics, 10 tons of mercury (a toxic heavy metal) are released into the environment every year in the United States simply due to the improper shredding/destruction of automobile light switches.

• Since 2009, nearly 40 million automobiles in the United States have been registered as “total loss vehicles” per the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.

• Stripping and junking an old car can lead to the expression and dispersal of numerous hazardous materials, including battery acid, petroleum waste, sodium azide, CFCs, PCB, mercury, lead, mineral spirits, heavy metals, and brake, power steering, and transmission fluids.

• Sadly, many junk and salvage yards and recycling facilities fail to fully comply with EPA regulations – thus, the aforementioned materials can be dumped on the environment and can cause problems with the water supply, air quality, and so forth.

To remove and strip a junked car “the right way,” you need effective processes.

Typically, a compliant salvage plan will remove the batteries, deploy the airbags, and then strip off the tires for retreading. Light switches containing mercury will be extracted and then taken to a separate section for recycling/disposal. The junked car will then be taken to have its fluid wastes removed using a special fluid extraction processes. Next, parts like filters, converters, bumpers, and auto glass will be separately removed using managed processes. Lastly, the shell of the car that’s left will be shredded, processed, and ideally recycled.

If you’re looking for a respected company that abides by all relevant EPA rules and conditions, look no further than Rock & Roll Auto Recycling. For 30 years, our Pleasanton-based business has helped remove and recycle used vehicles and their components. We are proud members of the State of California Auto Dismantlers Association (SCADA) and the Bay Area Auto Dismantlers Association. Find out more about us at, or give us a toll free call at 888-550-9944 to see how we can help you.

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