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How to “Break-In” Your New Engine: Surprising Tips

Most casual drivers (and even some professionals) underestimate how important it is to “break-in” a new engine mindfully. Like a new pair of shoes, a new baseball glove, or even – if you want to extend the metaphor to ridiculous lengths – a new pet, the way you treat an engine during its first 1,000 to 3,000 miles of use can profoundly influence its performance and even the lifetime use you get out of your vehicle.

Here are some tips to “House Break” your new engine.

First of all, avoid playing “rocket car” and pushing your engine to its limits at first.

When you drive “gently” at first, you give the piston rings and other engine parts a chance to adjust to operations. To that end, avoid lurching the car – either accelerating rapidly or braking rapidly — and aim for a top speed of about 65 miles per hour. Note that so-called performance engines – found in high performance vehicles – should be trotted out using a greater diversity of speeds and conditions. Engines designed for high performance should not be allowed to idle for more than two or three minutes, in general.

Although “gentle driving” is recommended, avoid short trips and long idles in heavy traffic.  When you take ultra short trips (five to ten minutes), the vehicle may not heat up to its optimal running temperature – and thus the engine does not get a true chance to break in.

Your first oil change may be the most important, since your engine’s precision actually evolves during the first 1,000 to 3,000 miles, much like how a young baby or toddler grows at a faster rate than does an older child or an adolescent. Change your filter and oil simultaneously to eliminate metal shavings trapped in the oil.

Lastly, if you purchase a replacement or reconditioned engine at a place like Rock & Roll Auto Recycling, many of these rules still apply, since reconditioned engines use a wide variety of new parts that need to be “broken in” to ensure optimum performance.

For specific help about how to maximize your engine or — or if you are in the market for used car,truck, van or SUV parts and ready-to-install engines — connect with the quality team at Rock & Roll Auto Recycling. For over 15 years, our professionals have served the San Francisco East Bay Community. We recycle and comply with all EPA laws, use CAPA certified parts, and we are proud members of  SCADA Auto Parts Recyclers.

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