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Why on Earth Would You Go to an Auto Salvage Yard?

The Benefits of Bay Area Salvage Yards

Whether you’re repairing the Chevy you’ve used for the past nine years to zip back and forth to your San Francisco Bay office, or you’re attempting to rebuild/restructure your car after a major accident, the team here at Rock & Roll Auto Parts has solutions for you.

Auto salvage yards can be gold mines for auto parts. We have earned stellar credentials in our industry, and have parts for vehicles from 2001 onwards. All of our parts are certified and warranty backed. Thus, you get better prices, more peace of mind, and convenience (assuming you live/work in the Bay Area).

Here are a few of the reasons to check out a great bay area salvage yard… instead of going through other routes to get replacement parts:

Diversity of selection

If you have spent any time searching for parts – especially hard-to-find stuff – you have no doubt run into frustrations galore. Our vast selection gives you a far better chance of getting the precise part you want – when you want it.

No real downside, when you find the right supplier

Many consumers believe that there is a big difference between new and used parts. And there can be. But if you buy from a reputable company, like Rock & Roll Auto Recycling, you won’t find any real measurable difference between our parts and the parts that your local mechanic or body shop will sell to you. In fact, we often win on quality! The big difference is price. The hypothesis that “aftermarket = not as much value” is an assumption that’s trivially refuted.

We can answer any and all questions you have about our services, products, credentials, parts, time frames for helping you, and so forth.

Bay Area Salvage Yard

Learn more about our Bay Area Salvage Yard at, or call us at (888) 550-9944 to get an effective solution to your parts dilemma.

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