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Getting Your Car Ready for Spring

Auto Recycling and Cleaning Tips


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Our auto dismantling experts always love the spring, because we love helping Bay Area car owners refurbish their rides. But how can you make the “car spring cleaning” process less daunting and more fun?

First of all, complete the superficial cleaning tasks. Odds are, that you’ve accumulated a lot of grime, loose paper, receipts and belongings in your car. Take a big shopping bag and clear this stuff out. Throw the “stuff” that you might want to keep — lose change, books, receipts, etc. into one bag to sort later. Use the other bag as a trash bag to empty and cart off any junk to throw away.

Next, you should actually clean the car. You can try the DIY (do it yourself) approach — in which you vacuum the car out and hand wash it on your driveway. Do be mindful to conserve as much water as possible, however, since the recent drought has ravaged the Bay Area. Alternatively, you could take your car to a carwash – ideally, a car wash that uses “green” cleaning products and conserves and recycles water, according to environmental standards.

Choose Recycled Auto Parts for Car Repairs

Next, you need to do a “deeper level” of cleaning/repair – i.e., assess and repair any auto parts that need changing/replacing, as well as fluid levels that need to be topped off. If you have any cracks in the windshield, now is the time to get them repaired. Broken side mirrors should also be replaced.

That’s where the Rock & Roll Auto Recycling professionals can help you. Whether you’re looking for car engines, transmission components, brake parts, or other components to soup up a classic sports car or modernize your grandma’s old Ford that you recently inherited, we’re here to help you. Call 888-550-9944 or use our online contact form for assistance or to request a part.

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