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Road Trip Essentials: Ultimate Emergency Car Kit

Whether you’re planning a brief jaunt up to the country, a jag down to San Diego to visit your sister, or a cross-country sightseeing journey… you need essential “stuff” in your car in the event that the disaster befalls you. So what should be in your emergency kit?

This brief article obviously cannot give you a total run down. For instance, if you’re a diabetic, you may need your insulin and other medical supplies. But it can at least kick start your thinking in a positive direction by highlighting the “bare bones” essentials of most emergency car kits.

Cell Phone

Do you have a mobile phone or other portable cellular device? If so, bring it. If not, it’s 2012. Time to get one! (And bring a charger, too.)

First Aid Kit

There are great “prefab” first aid kits for cars out there. Be sure to add extra supplies, if you have particular medical needs – e.g. allergies to bees, heart problems or whatever. Talk to your doctor before you go on the trip, and be sure to take a “more than ample” supply of anything critical.

Emergency Roadside Supplies

Odds are, you won’t need these supplies. But the time to find out is not when you’re pulled over in a ditch on some barren stretch of Nevada desert highway. The time is NOW — when you’re planning. Depending on your vehicle needs, these supplies could include: tire gauge, lug wrench for changing tires, spare fuses, jumper cables, foam sealant to seal up tire punctures, warning lights/flares, and any other tools that your dealer or mechanic recommends.

Emergency/Survival “Stuff”

The “stuff” could include: flash lights, spare change and at least $20 or more in bills, extra clothes, rags, gloves, pen and paper, non-perishable snacks and fresh water.

The level of detail of your planning will depend on the nature of the trip, your sensitivities, and your level of risk and your resourcefulness.

If you need spare parts to get your car tuned up for the journey, connect with the team here at Rock & Roll Auto Recycling immediately for a free consultation. We can help you maximize your planning, and minimize your stress and the costs associated with your journey, so it can be a productive, adventurous and joyful one.

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  • I always used to have first aid kit, travel charger and other essentials in my car. I have decided to have emergency/survival or other stuff with me in traveling. thanks for your post.