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Tinkering with Cars Can Be Dangerous


Yes, it’s tempting! Your car has been totaled – or it’s certainly near a point of no return. And you have some time and energy on your hands to “take care of it.” But auto dismantling is a risky proposition, even if you understand the basics. Risks include environmental disasters, fires, electrocution, and other diverse unpleasantries. Consider a few common dangers:

1. Toxic chemicals abound

When you drive your car, you tend not to think about the lethally toxic fluids all around you, such as coolant, gasoline, mercury in your sensors and switches, oil, transmission fluid, etc. These fluids can volatilize, catch fire, and present myriad hazards not just for you but also for the environment. If you leach mercury or gasoline into the soil on your property, for instance, the toxins might not only poison local plant life (there goes the garden!) but they might also infiltrate your water supply and make you and others in your neighborhood sick.

2. Unwanted airbag deployment

Airbags can eject with ferocious force – they have to, to protect drivers and passengers subjected to sudden collisions. When dismantle your car, you could inadvertently deploy an airbag right in your face and seriously hurt yourself.

3. Electrical shock/fire hazards

Your vehicle contains a charged battery, which has the potential not only to electrocute you but also to spark an electrical fire that could quickly spread to a fuel source, such as a nearby gas canister, and cause an explosion. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could potentially create a circuit, which could liberate electrical energy and cause havoc.

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4. Falling/crushing hazards

You may have the best jack in the world, but what happens if you’re working under the chassis when one of the tires pops or suddenly deflates and traps you underneath? Alternatively, what if one of Northern Carolina’s notorious earthquakes ripples through your region when you’re working under the hood? You could wind up crushed or otherwise severely injured.

5. Secondary dangers posed by the tools you use

If you use an oxy-acetylene or other torch, you can get burned; you can cut yourself on the sharp metal residue left over by the cutting; and you could inadvertently set off a fire or an explosion.

The reality is that the automotive dismantling is both an art and a science.

Do not assume that you can simply “do it yourself” by reading a few articles on the internet or by “going with your gut.” Instead, protect yourself and the environment by connecting with the team here at Rock & Roll Auto Recycling. Learn more about us at here online on our website, or call us toll free to schedule a fast, cost efficient, and effective solution to your old auto problem. 888-550-9944



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