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DIY Bay Area Windshield Replacement

How to Replace a Broken Windshield with Recycled Auto Parts

If you’re shopping for a replacement windshield, our auto salvage yard in the Bay Area can help. Here’s a quick guide for DIY-ers (do-it-yourself-ers), who want to do the technical work themselves. This should prove to be useful whether you’re experienced or doing it for the first time.

First, find a replacement windshield and other desired used auto parts. At Rock & Roll Auto Recycling, we carry parts for practically every automobile, van, and SUV on the road. We also have “new” aftermarket parts.

Once you obtain the windshield, wrap it safely for transit to prevent it from cracking.

When you’re ready to begin, take off the plastic moldings on the side and top. Avoid breaking off the clips – just remove the moldings.

Next, cut the windshield out of the urethane. Urethane is extremely durable and strong. That’s a good thing, since the material protects the driver and passengers from debris. But the material can resist cutting, so use a cold, sharp blade — and watch a few “DIY videos” about how to cut urethane before you start the process. It might take you 20 minutes or longer… and that’s if you’re strong! Don’t rush the process, and be careful not to cut yourself or someone else.

Next, use water and a brush to clean the pinchweld of grime and debris. Prime any exposed metal. Then use a caulking gun, or a hand caulker, to apply the urethane. Be careful to avoid trapping oil, gunk, and debris in the caulk. Apply consistent pressure to get a nice bead — inconsistent beading could increase the likelihood of leaks. Lastly, install the windshield and align it. Be careful not to get other components messy with caulk or other agents.

Contact the Bay Area Used Auto Parts Pros

If you need more clarity about the windshield installation process — or if you just want to explore and price-shop windshields or other needed auto parts, the team here at Rock & Roll Auto Recycling would be happy to offer assistance and advice. Call 888-550-9944 (toll-free) or email us today to get started.

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