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Project Cars: How to Get Them Finished and on the Road

Bay Area Auto Dismantler Car Restoration Tips

With the right tools and architectural scheme, you can design and execute a pretty ridiculously amazing project car with used auto parts.

auto recycled ford mustang

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But getting the car done on-budget, on-spec, and at or below cost is no small undertaking, even if you work with experienced partners and you have a doable time/design budget. Although you probably “geek out” on the creative stuff (e.g. all the computer design scenarios), you feel a bit like the guys in the 1980’s movie, Weird Science. You want your creation to come alive and take you on crazy, awesome adventures.

How to Complete Your Project Car with Recycled Auto Parts:

1. First off, write it down!
As E.M. Foster famously said, “How do I know what I think, until I see what I say?” You need words to describe your vision not only to other people but also to yourself. Avoid generic, adjective-rich descriptions. Instead, use metaphors and active verbs. For instance, “blazing fast” is not as descriptive as “like pulled by a team of 500 horses.”

2. Get pictorial.
Words are worth a lot, and a picture’s worth a thousand words. Use pictures from diverse sources to inspire you. Don’t just clip cars and auto parts. Get a little wild and exciting. Clip pictures of an eagle soaring over the clouds or of a Jaguar with a deathly stare — something similarly potent and evocative.

3. Get to the mock-up stage, ASAP.
Once you get the sub-assemblies working, and you have “real world” materials to work with, experiment. Put things together and take them apart. Sometimes, designs that look amazing on paper fail big time, in practice. Conversely, sometimes you can stumble upon awesome innovations – that can make a project cheaper and faster – just by casually fiddling around.

4. Get help.
A skilled team of advisors and designers is a must. Also, search for cheaper sources of great parts. Consider getting components from trusted auto dismantlers and auto recyclers, like Rock and Roll Auto Recycling.

Whether you’re still in the “dreaming it up” stage, or you’re farther down the road, we’d love the opportunity to work with you and help you get your project done, on-spec and below budget. Call us today at 925-224-9944 to discuss how to turn the vehicle of your dreams into an on-the-road reality.

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