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Restoring a Vintage Car on a Budget

Auto Salvage in the Bay Area

Before you head out to buy recycled car parts from a Bay Area auto salvage yard, assess whether you have the budget – and time/resources/stamina – to fix up your vintage car.

A restoration job can take anywhere from half an hour to a thousand hours, depending on the parts you need, the condition of your vehicle, and how much work you want to do yourself.

First, identify the vehicle that needs repair/restoration. Perhaps you own an old car, or maybe you just inherited one from your grandfather. Or maybe you purchased a “fixer upper” to test your mettle at auto repair. Be mindful of the value of your time. Yes, car restoration can be fun and relaxing. But your time is not worth zero dollars. Consider putting in a few extra hours at the office, and use that extra cash to pay for some professional assistance.

The next step is to identify and find appropriate classic car parts. Fortunately, this part of the equation is pretty easy to solve: the team at Rock & Roll Auto Recycling has a treasure trove of affordable, inspected and diverse auto parts – including components for pretty obscure classic cars. Call or email us today for assistance.

Next, roll up your sleeves and get to work. Challenge yourself without making yourself nuts. If you’ve done several restorations before, you might want to take on a lot of the work. If not, get help, at least for the tricky elements. Also, give yourself a bar that you know that you can hit. If this is your first restoration, don’t expect to restore a clunker car by yourself to mint condition and sell it to a wealthy classic car collector from Monaco.

Ask the Bay Area Auto Part Experts!

Call the Rock & Roll Auto Recycling team today for free insight into your restoration project! You can reach us at 925-224-9944.


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