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Auto Dismantling 101 in the Bay Area: What Are Used Car Parts Really Worth?

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To price used car parts, you must understand how the market values components. Different auto dismantlers use different formulas, but the most expensive parts include the following:

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Car engine components. Replacing pistons, crankshafts, water pumps, and cylinder heads can be quite expensive, particularly if you own a high performance sports car, or if you’re working on an old model car.

Steering and suspension components can also be expensive to replace. Without a steady suspension – and an active way to steer – your car is at risk for crashing or severely underperforming. A weak suspension, for instance, can set the stage for premature wear and tear on a number of parts. Just like you must protect your vestibular system — which controls your balance — so, too, do you need to pay attention to your car’s steering and suspension.

Another key system is your brake system. Relevant parts may include worn brake pads, shaft connections, and electrical components related to the antilock braking system.

Most computer system parts are also expensive. These can include your lights, horn, battery, wipers, and various on board computers. In newer models vehicles that rely intensely on computer assistance, electronic systems can be incredibly important… and tricky to replace.

Your heating and A/C system components and transmission and transaxle systems can also be quite expensive and complicated to fix.

Replacing your automobile’s parts can add up. But there are ways to constrain costs, both upfront and long-term. Whether you’re remodeling or repairing, our professional team can minimize your auto repair costs and hassles. Connect with the Rock & Roll Auto Recycling team today. Our Bay Area auto dismantlers have years of experience helping drivers like you get the best components for their vehicles and minimizing cost, disruption, and aggravation.

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