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3 Shockingly Simple Tips for Buying Used Auto Parts

On one hand, you know that buying used auto parts from a reputable Bay Area company, like Rock & Roll Auto Recycling, makes good financial sense. On the other hand, you may be dubious about buying after-market parts: you need to make sure, above all else, that any parts you use are safe, warrantied, professionally installed, etc. So here are quick tips to get you started on a cost saving journey where the only thing that you will sacrifice… is nothing.

1. Research your auto part needs, but don’t get too crazy about it.

Unless you’re an automotive junky, and you really understand and love the technology, your ability to “self-educate” about auto parts is going to be limited. Yes, sure, you can spend hours online trying to diagnose your car’s troubles and find the perfect deal. But consider the value of your time. How much do you get paid an hour to work? How valuable is an extra hour with your family? Save yourself the hassle, and find reputable professionals to help you research… or just tell you what you need.

2. Do your due diligence!

Not all used part sellers are reputable or fair or certified. If the price is “too good to be true,” that should be an enormous red flag. So be careful! Your part should have an exchange/return policy, a warranty, etc. The mechanic or online dealer should have excellent feedback, and the parts you buy should be certified and safe to use in your vehicle.

3. Make sure that the parts match your car!

Say some idiot smashed in the side mirror on your white Prius. You probably don’t want to get a black mirror as a replacement, unless you’re making a strange automotive “fashion statement” or something. On a more fundamental note, the part needs to be compatible with the technology that your vehicle uses – even slight incompatibilities can lead to wear and tear, burn out of other components, and all sorts of other nasty problems. You want everything to fit together, and you want to find someone who has the parts and know-how to advise you effectively.

Look to the experienced professionals at Rock & Roll Auto Recycling in Northern California for help. Our huge auto parts inventory includes used, new, rebuilt, and after-market parts for trucks and autos. We’ve spent three decades in the used auto parts industry, and we are proud members of the State of California Auto Dismantlers Association (SCADA). Connect with us online at, or call us for a free consultation at 888-550-9944.

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